TAG-TITE® Tamper Evident Stainless Steel Cable Tie

The TAG-TITE tamper evident stainless steel cable tie securely fastens your SIS-TAG and ensures adherence to management of change procedures.  TAG-TITE stainless steel cable ties feature 316 SS construction, self-locking, fully enclosed head design and easy to read, laser engraved numbering.  11.8" x 0.18".  Each TAG-TITE cable tie features a unique serial number that can be associated to the device tag number within your CMMS to prevent unauthorized and undetected replacement of safety critical devices.  TAG-TITE tamper evident stainless steel cable ties are ideal for harsh environments in the process industries including heat, humidity, long-term exposure to weather, UV, salt spray, abrasion, industrial solvents, chemicals and more.  Ideal for use with SIS-TAG® brand Safety Instrumented System Device Identification tags to provide for high visibility and asset management of safety critical devices.

Select "Add TAG-TITE Cable Tie" when checking out to include with your SIS-TAG or purchase separately here.  Each TAG-TITE cable tie has a unique serial number so if you are replacing an existing cable tie, you must update the serial number in your CMMS accordingly.  Tags sold separately.  Additional lengths available upon request.


TAG-TITE® Tamper Evident Stainless Steel Cable Tie
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